Mlekpol Dairy Cooperative in Grajewo is one of the largest manufacturers of milk and dairy products in Poland and Europe. The strength of the company lies in people who create our business. Thanks to their passion, work and commitment Mlekpol has been developing dynamically for over 40 years.

Modern manufacturing and technological processes based on the achievements of contemporary science also make the Cooperative successful. The company is managed in a spirit of respect for the tradition of food manufacturing and draws from the richness of the regions. Mlekpol collects the best quality raw material from Polish farmers gathered around the production plants.

In 2021 at all Mlekpol’s locations the total purchase of milk exceeded 2 billion litres. This is over 5.5 million litres supplied daily by the producers – members of the Cooperative (currently there are over 8100 of them). Mlekpol’s products are manufactured in 14 modern and highly specialised processing plants.

Since the very beginning, the company has been addressing the needs of successive generations of consumers and satisfying their tastes through the creation of various and innovative products. Wide product range consistently conquers the hearts and palates of buyers and brands such as Łaciate, Milko, Mazurski Smak, Białe, Romlecz or Maślanka Mrągowska are regular guests on Polish tables. Mlekpol’s products are appreciated not only in Poland but also abroad. Nearly 30% of the production is exported to over 100 countries all over the world, including the Far and Middle East. Łaciate milk can be bought already on 6 continents!

One of the greatest successes of the Mlekpol Dairy Cooperative was receiving in 2021 from Polish President Andrzej Duda Economic Award of the President of the Republic of Poland in the category ‘National Success’.

Recognition for the company among consumers and contractors, both on the domestic and international market is the result of diligent and hard work of the milk producers and employees.

The SM MLEKPOL’s offer includes: pasteurized and UHT milk, various kinds of cream, fermented drinks, butter, cottage cheese, cream cheese and yellow cheese. In its extended portfolio there are such flagship brands as: Łaciate, Maślanka Mrągowska, Milko, Mazurski Smak, Rolmlecz, Białe.

SM MLEKPOL exports more than 30% of its products to Asian, South American, European and Far East countries. Foreign buyers appreciate the quality of products and the stability of cooperation provided by MLEKPOL.

SM MLEKPOL has received many awards and distinctions, including the title of the largest Employer of Podlasie or the Pearl of Polish Economy. For many years, its products have also been awarded Gold Medals in competitions at the Poznań International Fair – Polagra Food. The latest MLEKPOL’s recognition was in 2017 for Chłodnik warzywny (cold borsch with vegetables) and the novelty on the market – Serek Łaciaty (Łaciaty cream cheese) with dried tomatoes.

In the same year, fresh Łaciate milk won the unique title of Najwyższa Smakowitość (Supreme Tastefulness) awarded by Polski Instytut Badań Jakości (the Polish Institute of Quality Research), and Łaciate UHT 2% milk was once more awarded with the title of Hit Handlu (Trade Hit), as previously Gouda cheese in slices per 150g.

Łaciate was also honoured with the title of Superbrands 2018 and Superbrands Polska Marka 2018.

At the end of 2018, Spółdzielna Mleczarska from Grajewo was honoured with the Diamond award awarded by Forbes. Mlekpol also took prestigious 4th place on the Forbes regional ranking list and became the highest classified dairy cooperative in Poland in the agriculture-food sector. Spółdzielnia Mleczarska from Grajewo was placed 123rd on the nationwide list of enterprises with revenues exceeding PLN 250 million. In addition, in December 2018, Maślanka Mrągowska, fresh Łaciate milk, Łaciaty cream cheese with onion and chives reached the podium in the Forum Mleczarskie Handel ranking. The prizes were awarded after recalculating all votes cast by the trade sector (sales representatives from the dairy/fat departments in hyper and supermarkets, delicatessen, wholesalers and cash & carry outlets).

At the beginning of 2019, the Łaciate brand was placed among the 10 most recognized Polish brands in a study conducted by Havas Polska. April this year welcomed Mlekpol as nominated the 40th in the ranking of 200 largest companies prepared by Wprost. Another success was the number 1 position for the Łaciate brand in the category of MILK, awarded by consumers in the nationwide survey ‘Poles’ Favorite Brand 2019′, carried out by GfK Polonia for Wiadomości Handlowe. In May 2019, the Mlekpol’s products were awarded two Złote Paragony – the prizes arranged by Polski Kupiec. These were given to Mleko Łaciate 3,2% 1 litre and Rolmlecz vanilla cream cheese. In addition, Polish buyers voted 4 distinctions to Spółdzielnia for its Maślanka Mrągowska, Łaciaty natural cream cheese, Łaciaty ekstra butter as well as Łaciaty mix. 


MLEKPOL ensures the highest quality and natural taste of products.