The flagship Rolmlecz product has been vanilla-flavoured homogenized cheese, present on the market since 1974.  The cheese with ”a cow” invariably enjoys the recognition of consumers. It is a healthy, wholesome snack, an excellent dessert base, a tasty addition to fruit, cakes and pancakes. Rolmlecz has on its offer a lot of specialities. Their main ingredient is the top quality milk.

Among dairy products offered with the ROLMLECZ logo our consumers will find: homogenized cheese, fresh pasteurized milk 2% and 3.2%, extra farmhouse butter, natural yoghurt, strawberry Fantasy yoghurt, cream, UHT cream 36%, natural kefir and buttermilk, cottage cheese, quark, ripening cheese.

ROLMLECZ homogenized cheese is a unique phenomenon. This product without any advertising has been present on the market for over 40 years and invariably enjoys popularity among consumers. Until recently the variations of Rolmlecz cheese were sold only in Warsaw, Radom and surrounding areas. Recently, the cheese has been gaining popularity throughout the country. Some adult consumers associate Rolmlecz vanilla-flavoured cheese with their childhood, it evokes positive emotions and pleasant memories. They eagerly introduce it to the diet of their children, so the next generation of fans of vanilla-flavoured-cheese-with-a-cow grows.

In 2016 the palette of Rolmlecz homogenized cheese products was extended with vanilla cheese with natural vanilla. In 2018 homogenized cheese with chocolate appeared on the market.


       Our milk comes
from the cleanest
       regions of Poland