The name Mazurian Taste is not accidental. Mazurski Smak products are made of the highest quality milk originating from cows grazed on the green meadows of Warmia and Mazuria Lake District. The Mazurski Smak product line has been created for the residents of town and cities who, thanks to these regional dairy products might relish the thought of going, even for a moment, to the land of lakes. Mazurski Smak includes the wide product range of quark, milk, butter and cream.

The brand has been on the market since 2008. Delicious Mazurski Smak quark is offered in three fat variants: high fat, semi fat and low fat. They are sold in functional and modern packaging. The Mazurski Smak assortment also includes 2% and 18 % cream, 2% and 3,2 % milk as well as extra butter. When choosing products from the Mazurski Smak series, consumers can enjoy the taste and freshness of Mazurian delicacies.

Besides, Mazurski Smak is also the name of the mini chain of SM MLEKPOL company stores, where consumers can choose from a full range of Mlekpol products. Mazurski Smak stores are located in the vicinity of SM MLEKPOL dairy plants.


       Our milk comes
from the cleanest
       regions of Poland