Łaciate is the most recognized brand of milk in Poland. It is also the most-rewarded among dairy products. Multiple Trade Hit, Favorite Consumer Brand, Polagra Food Gold Medalist, Supreme Tastefulness winner. Łaciate includes among others: different varieties of cream, creamy cheese spread, cottage cheese, natural extra butter and lactose-free yoghurt drinks. Łaciate is synonymous with naturalness, freshness and top quality.

Łaciate was established in 1995 and immediately gained consumer recognition. It has been the first shelf-stable milk (UHT) in Poland – still the leading one in this category. Łaciate UHT milk can be purchased in an innovative EDGE cardboard packaging. Thanks to the technological and aseptic processing, it is a product with prolonged shelf life. It is available in three capacities: 0,5L, 1L, 1,5L, and in four fat variants: 0,0%, 0,5%, 2,0%, 3,2%.

Łaciate can also be bought in a handy bottle. It is then fresh, pasteurized milk with a 21-day shelf life. Thinking about children and their greater demand for high-energy food, Łaciate Junior milk was produced with 3.8% fat content. For all enthusiasts of flavoured milk, Łaciate has prepared varieties with banana, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla tastes. In 2016, the Łaciate family was complemented by lactose-free fruit yoghurts in three flavours: blackberry – raspberry, strawberry – blackcurrant and pineapple – coconut.

The Łaciate brand is a laureate of numerous industry and consumer awards. It won, among others: Polagra Food gold medals, the title of Favourite Consumer Brand, Good Brand, Superbrands 2015/16, Created In Poland Superbrands 2015/16 and the title of Trade Hit. In 2016 Łaciate 3,2% milk gained the emblem of Podlasie. In the same year, Łaciate Junior received the Polagra Food gold medal. The Łaciate brand was awarded the title of Superbrands 2018 and Superbrands Polska Marka 2018

The advertising creation of the Łaciate brand is also not accidental. For years the original producer, a spotted cow, has been promoting Łaciate products, and cow spots have become the hallmark of the brand, which focuses on the natural origin and quality of Polish milk.


       Our milk comes
from the cleanest
       regions of Poland