Happy Barn is the brand of milk from the Mlekpol’s portfolio dedicated to foreign customers. Happy Barn stands for UHT milk of the highest quality. It comes from cows grazed on the cleanest Polish meadows, located in areas not contaminated with heavy industry, rich in extensive forests and lakes. It is a natural full-value food product with an exceptionally creamy flavour.


The highest quality of Milcasa also results from careful preparation of production processes. They are regulated by strict regulations and international standards.

Happy Barn milk is available in four fat variants: 0,5%, 1,5%, 3,5% and 3,8%. It is poured into convenient, 1-litre cartons with a screw cap. Happy Barn products are available on the SM MLEKPOL’s export markets.


       Our milk comes
from the cleanest
       regions of Poland