Milatte is a unique edition of milk produced by SM Mlekpol. The brand was created at the special request of contractors from Greece and Italy – connoisseurs of all varieties of coffee. Milatte ensures a completely new quality for latte, latte macchiato or cappuccino.  Milatte milk is perfect for frothing. Due to its high protein content, the milk froths perfectly creating light as a cloud, milky foam. The product is dedicated to white coffee aficionados, professional baristas and the HoReCa channel.

It offers two types of milk that differ in fat content. 3.2% milk – according to baristas – is best for hot coffee all year round, 0% milk – is ideal for iced coffee, so essential in summer heat. Milatte is poured into safe and comfortable one-litre cartons with a screw cap.


       Our milk comes
from the cleanest
       regions of Poland