The Dairy Production Plant in Kolno has been part of Spółdzielnia Mleczarska Mlekpol in Grajewo since 1 September 1999. SM Mlekpol in Grajewo joined with Spółdzielnia Mleczarska Kurpianka (Dairy Cooperative Kurpianka).


Kolno dairy products are made of milk from cows grazed on the cleanest Podlasie meadows. Natural milk producers, cows, are fed with non-GMO products.

The dairy production plant in Kolno is famous for producing the top class Dutch-, Swiss- and Italian-type ripened cheese. This is also where premium cheese for the Senator and Jantar brands are produced. What is more, the Kolno cheese processing rooms offer such sales hits as: Królewski from Kolno, Havarti, Tylżycki and Salami. The plant in Kolno also produces exceptional processed, smoked and smoked processed cheese, including famous Rolada Ustrzycka, as well as Cagliata, Bask, Mozzarella.

The dairy plant in Kolno is constantly modernised.

Over the past three years, the investment has included: a modern poured-type cheese line with the capacity of 40 tons per day, a new line for the production of Mozzarella, a new LNG-powered boiler plant, and a new water treatment station.


The dairy plant in Kolno has received the quality certificates: