The Dairy Production Plant in Mrągowo has been part of Spółdzielnia Mleczarska Mlekpol in Grajewo since 29 October 2000. SM Mlekpol in Grajewo joined with Okręgowa Spółdzielnia Mleczarska Kormoran in Mrągowo (District Dairy Cooperative Kormoran). The Dairy Production Plant in Mrągowo ranks second (following the plant in Grajewo) in terms of the amount of processed milk within Mlekpol. Its share in raw material processing is approx. 23% of the total value.


The Dairy Production Plant in Mrągowo is famous for producing its delicious fermented drinks – known as Milko and Maślanka Mrągowska. It is also the leading producer of ripened cheese in Poland featuring the largest cheese processing line here. The highest quality Dutch- and Swiss-type hard cheese is made in the country.

Mragowo dairy products are made of milk from cows grazed on the cleanest meadows of Warmia, Mazuria and Podlasie. Natural milk producers, cows, are fed with non-GMO products.

Due to its high technological capabilities, the Dairy Production Plant in Mrągowo also processes milk from other plants of Spółdzialnia. In total, in 2017 it produced delicious daily products from  420 mln litres of the highest quality milk.

On acount of a large amount of liquid whey, in 2014 the Supervisory Board and the Management Board of Spółdzielnia came to a decision to build in Mrągowo, in the Special Economic Zone, Zakład Produkcji Sproszkowanych Wyrobów Mleczarskich (the Production Plant of Powdered Dairy Products). The planned capacity is 3 million litres of milk and whey per day. The total area of production buildings amounts to 20,000 sq m, the height ranges 11-43m, and the total volume is 360,000 m cubic. The contractor of the construction part is Budimex, whereas the technology is to be provided by GEA. The planned launch of the investment will take place in 2019. The Dairy Production Plant in Mrągowo will employ circa 160 people.


The dairy plant in Mrągowo has received the quality certificates: