The top quality of Mlekpol products is, among others, the effect of careful preparation of their production processes. They are regulated by strict regulations and international standards.


All the plants of Spółdzielna Mleczarska Mlekpol meet the highest standards and norms developed for food producers – including International Food Standard (IFS), the safety system in the food production process and – HACCP acc. Codex Alimentarius.

In addition, the dairy plants in Grajewo, Mragowo, Zambrów and Kolno, whose export products – besides other target countries – are also sold in Great Britain, have implemented the British Retail Consortium standard (BRC), honoured in the United Kingdom and in Polish supermarkets owned by British retail chains.

What is more, the plants in Grajewo and Mrągowo have received a highly restrictive Kosher certificate, which enables trade cooperation with Israel and Halal certification facilitating the sale of products to Muslim contractors. The facilities in Zambrów and Kolno are Halal certified as well.


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