Dairy products are an essential element of traditional Polish breakfast. They cannot be missing in the menu of renowned hotels or restaurants. SM Mlekpol offers a wide range of traditional dairy. We provide a broad assortment of generic products like milk, butter and cheese, as well as cream, fermented drinks, cottage cheese and lactose-free dairy goods. All Mlekpol products are delivered in convenient, safe packaging, either ideal as one portion for the consumer or easy to be divided and served by the chef.


With a view to facilitating the work of chefs, in 2016 SM MLEKPOL created a new product line under the Mleczarnia brand for the HoReCa channel. This has been the first Mlekpol brand offering products designed especially for hotels, restaurants and catering services. It varies from Premium options with packaging and price. The Mleczarnia’s offer includes: UHT milk in two fat variants 2% and 3,2%, 1-litre cartons, cream cheese in convenient 1-kg buckets, extra butter in 1- and 2-kg blocks.


Mlekpol does not forget about baristas. UHT Milatte milk – as perfect milk for frothing – has been available on the market since 2016. Due to its high protein content, the milk froths perfectly creating light as a cloud, milky foam. Milatte ensures a completely new quality for latte, latte macchiato or cappuccino.