Mleczarnia natural cream cheese

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Cream cheese with a delicious natural flavour. A source of protein, calcium and valuable vitamins. Made of the top quality cream, no added thickeners and preservatives. Perfect for spreading complementing the taste of sauces, or as a base for dips served with fresh vegetables and grilled dishes. An excellent creamy accent for cakes and desserts. Mleczarnia is the Mlekpol product line dedicated to the HoReCa channel. Its characteristic packaging is distinguished by a chequered pattern. It differs from other Mlekpol’s Premium brands with its packaging format and the price specifically dedicated to collective nutrition.
Weight 1 kg

Barcode 5900820016036
Single package: 1 kg
Collective package: 6
Quantity per pallet: 384
Number of layers: 8
Number of collective packages per pallet: 64
Number of collective packages per layer: 8
Expiration date: 60 days

       Our milk comes
from the cleanest
       regions of Poland