With a view to the consumers with milk sugar intolerance who do not want to give up milk and dairy products because they value their traditional taste and health properties, we have prepared a line of lactose-free products. By using the lactase enzyme contained in milk, milk sugar has been decomposed, maintaining full nutritional values.
The array of our lactose-free products is systematically growing. Currently the offer includes:

  • Łaciate yoghurt drinks in three highly fruit flavours: blackberry - raspberry, strawberry - blackcurrant and pineapple - coconut
  • MLEKPOL lactose-free quark high fat and Mazurski smak semi fat.
  • Łaciate lactose-free milk in two fat variants: 1,5% and 3,5%
  • MLEKPOL lactose-free cottage cheese
  • MLEKPOL lactose-free ripened cheese: Edam, Złoty Mazur and Gouda in slices

       Our milk comes
from the cleanest
       regions of Poland