Łaciaty GRANI natural cottage cheese

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All variants of GRANI cottage cheese are made of the highest quality Polish milk from cows grazed on the cleanest Podlasie meadows, fed with non-GMO products. Thanks to a unique recipe, devoid of preservatives and artificial additives, all variants of Łaciaty GRANI cottage cheese is a perfect combination of natural, different-sized cottage cheese grains dipped in sweet cream. What distinguishes GRANI cheese from other various cottage cheese types, so widely known to consumers of Mlekpol’s products, is the use of small-grain curd in the production process. GRANI cottage cheese is an excellent idea for a healthy start to the day or a quick snack. Łaciaty GRANI cottage cheese does not contain gluten and is a source of well-absorbed protein, essential for the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. Łaciaty GRANI natural cottage cheese is packed in practical 200 g and 500g cups.

Barcode 5900820019808
Single package: 200 g
Collective package: 12
Quantity per pallet: 1440
Number of layers: 15
Number of collective packages per pallet: 120
Number of collective packages per layer: 8
Expiration date: 16 days

       Our milk comes
from the cleanest
       regions of Poland