Dutch-type Senator cheese, cylinder (Kolno)

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Senator cheeses are exquisite products of the top quality cheese making. Cheese connoisseurs will definitely appreciate their taste. They owe their unique flavour and aroma to the excellent raw material, experience and passion of SM MLEKPOL cheese makers and the traditional “dry rind” production method. Every cheese ripens in a natural way by exposing to the air. It is left to rest on boards allowing it to breathe and age naturally.
SENATOR GOUDA cheese is dedicated to all enthusiasts of Dutch cheese. It has a delicate, creamy taste and elastic texture. Gouda cheese is a perfect complement of nutritious sandwiches. It works well with salads and casseroles, superbly matching various fruit and wine

Barcode 253789..
Single package: ok. 8.5 kg
Collective package: 1
Quantity per pallet: 54
Number of layers: 8
Number of collective packages per pallet: 54
Number of collective packages per layer: 7
Expiration date: 6 months

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