Augustowski quark, block (vacuum packed)

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Traditional quark made of the highest quality Polish milk from cows grazed on green Podlasie meadows. Cuisine-irreplaceable for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. Augustowski quark is a source of easily assimilable protein, valuable calcium, vitamins and amino acids. Offered in a traditional form of a block, functionally vacuum-packed to guarantee longer freshness.
Weight approx. 300 g

Barcode 277385…
Single package: 200-300 g
Collective package: 10 kg(25-15)
Quantity per pallet: 30-40
Number of layers: 3-4
Number of collective packages per pallet: 30-40
Number of collective packages per layer: 10
Expiration date: 15 days

       Our milk comes
from the cleanest
       regions of Poland