The most important people in the world carefully choose what they eat
Opublikowany 31.08.2017

The unique promotional campaign of SM MLEKPOL’s Mrągowska Buttermilk is entering its third stage of implementation.

”At the beginning of the school year we are going to start the next edition of the campaign – I am special. I carefully choose what I eat. The slogan of this third stage will be – The most important people in the world carefully choose what they eat. By using it, we want to draw attention to the conscious, healthy and rational creation of menus for the most important people in the world – our loved ones,” says Ewa Gromadzka, marketing manager at SM MLEKPOL in Grajewo.

In addition to the billboard communication across Poland, since September 1 we are going to launch the competition both on the website – niejembyleczego.pl and the Facebook fanpage – facebook.com/Niejembyleczego.

The competition task will be to indicate the most important person in the world, e.g. a mother, child, husband, friend, and send a recipe for a dish, of course using Mrągowska Buttermilk, as a way to show care for the closest person. The activation will last from 26 October, and it will consist of 4 sequences. After finishing each 14-day stage, we will choose laureates and reward them. The details and rules of our funny competition can be found at www.niejembyleczego.pl and on the fanpage of the entire action,” says Ewa Gromadzka.

Since mid-May, in the biggest Polish cities and on the Internet, black and white portraits have been drawing the attention of passers-by and Internet users. The slogan – I am special – has been credited with the faces of Spółdzielnia Mleczarska Mlekpol’s employees, selected by casting. At the beginning of June, the slogan was complemented by – I am special. I carefully choose what I eat – and SM MLEKPOL’s Mrągowska Buttermilk appeared as part of the campaign.

Since the very beginning, the manufacturer’s main goal has been to draw the attention of consumers to the importance of conscious diet planning. By recalling Mrągowska Buttermilk, MLEKPOL has also reminded about traditional Polish dairy products that for centuries were a natural source of nutrients necessary for the human body.

The creative concept of the campaign and its materials have been prepared by Red8 Digital. PR support has been provided by V5group, the media have been managed by MEC.

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