Mlekpol closed the year with a new record.
Opublikowany 06.02.2019

Spółdzielnia Mleczarska Mlekpol bought over 1 billion 800 million litres of milk from its suppliers in 2018 – this is a record high result in the history of Spółdzielnia. Mlekpol maintain its leading position in milk purchase on the Polish market.

We were expecting a new record and we achieved success! This is another great result after the one last year when we bought 1 billion 770 million litres. It is primarily the merit of our suppliers who invest and develop their farms – says Kazimierz Czernewski, director of the Purchasing Department at SM MLEKPOL.

At the end of December last year, Spółdzielnia exceeded a record amount of 1 billion 800 million litres of concentrated milk purchased and processed within 12 months. This result, Mlekpol achieved by acquiring milk exclusively from its own purchasing base, including 9.5 thousand members of Spółdzielnia.

Mlekpol invests in its technological development, and the involvement of suppliers we can see i.e. enlarging farms and their consolidation, allow us to assume that in the near future Mlekpol will exceed the limit of 2 billion litres of concentrated milk – adds Kazimierz Czernewski.