Łaciate świeże milk 3,2% fat the winner of supreme tastefulness quality test!
Opublikowany 03.03.2017

Milk produced by SM MLEKPOL has obtained the highest rating in the category of fresh milk.

SM MLEKPOL’S Łaciate Świeże stands out with its full taste, intensity and well-felt notes: sweet, milk, cream. The Polish Institute of Quality Research, in cooperation with SGGW, rated 8 popular brands of micro-filtered milk (ESL). The study was conducted using QDA – Quantitative Sensory Assessment method evaluating the smell and taste of products.

”The application of microfiltration, using membranes with a pore size below 5 micrometres, allows bacteria and other contaminants to be removed from milk in 99.99%. With this technology we produce pasteurized milk with a composition, properties and organoleptic characteristics only slightly different from raw milk. The microfiltration process does not affect the taste and smell of the product. By combining the best quality of our raw material, advanced technologies and considerable commitment of the team, we get the best and completely natural product that in 2014 joined the “Łaciate” family as ”Łaciate Świeże” milk,” says Tomasz Gryczewski, director of the SM MLEKPOL’s Dairy Production Plant in Bydgoszcz, where Łaciate Świeże is produced.

Łaciate Świeże milk is also available in a 2% fat variant. In 2015 the milk became the winner of a qualitative study developed by Pro-test, a consumer research & testing foundation from Poland.

Since 2005 the SM MLEKPOL’s Dairy Production Plant in Bydgoszcz has been successively modernised and rebuilt towards the production of ESL milk and fermented products. At the end of 2013 the plant launched a modern fully automated production process of micro-filtered milk with a capacity of 28,000 l/h. The Dairy Production Plant in Bydgoszcz covers an area of 52 650m2 and employs 128 people. Its raw material is purchased from 530 deliverers. The daily capacity is almost 500 000 litres of milk. Since 2016 the Dairy Production Plant in Bydgoszcz has also produced Łaciate lactose-free yoghurt drinks.

The test of Najwyższa smakowitość (Supreme Tastefulness) took place in the sensory analysis laboratory of the SGGW’s Faculty of Science on Human Nutrition and Consumption. The Polish Institute of Quality Research is part of Consumer Guidance Group.