Interview: Poland’s leading dairy company expects further expansion in China
Opublikowany 15.04.2019

WARSAW, April 14 (Xinhua) — In spite of an extraordinary 40 percent sales growth in China in 2018, Poland’s leading dairy company Mlekpol is still seeking opportunities for further expansion in the promising market.


Thanks to the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative, bilateral trade between China and Poland hit new record in recent years. Meanwhile, Mlekpol sees a booming business in China and plans to bring more high-quality and competitive products to China to meet the huge demand there.


“In 2013 we delivered the first container of our products to China. Since then, our cooperation has been constantly developing,” Malgorzata Cebelinska, Director of Trade Department at Mlekpol Dairy Cooperative in Grajewo, told Xinhua.


“In 2017, Mlekpol completed 850 container shipments of its products, while last year — over 1,200 containers, which led to approx. 40 percent year-on-year growth in sales,” Cebelinska added.


Being committed to its opening-up policy, China provides foreign companies the most promising and also the largest market in the world for their high-quality products. As Mlekpol is gradually building up its reputation among Chinese customers, the company expects for better sales in the country this year.


“We consider China as one of the most important export directions for us, and we are looking for new opportunities to expand current business activities,” Cebelinska said, noting that she believes 2019 will be better than 2018 in figures.


Cebelinska said that the Chinese market is demanding and the competition there is quite intense.


“As a dairy producer we have a very good reputation compared to other market competitors. It is possible because our raw milk comes from the healthiest and cleanest regions in Poland, we always focus on bringing high-quality products to Chinese customers,” she said.


Cebelinska said, “The Chinese market evaluates our products very well, our milk is one of the leaders of imported milk in China just like German and Australian products. ”


Asked about if Mlekpol would like to take the advantage of CHINA RAILWAY Express, a fast growing railway transportation between China and Europe, Cebelinska said “that would be a great opportunity to start with fresh, short shelf life products that currently can’t be delivered to Chinese clients. It could also improve frequency and efficiency of deliveries.”


Mlekpol started to approach the Chinese market back in 2012 by participating in trade fairs in China, gaining access to local partners and markets. Now, the company is looking forward to taking part in the China International Import Expo.


“We heard a lot of positive opinions about China International Import Expo and we are taking into consideration the participation in this event. We are looking for opportunities to present our products at other local exhibitions and trade fairs in China in the coming years,” Cebelinska said.