Łaciata sour cream 12%

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Natural Łaciate cream variations are made of Polish milk cream from cows fed with non-GMO products. They are delicate and organically acidified thanks to the addition of live cultures of lactic bacteria. Cream and live cultures of beneficial bacteria are the only ingredients. Łaciate cream variations have a delicious taste of Polish country sour cream. They make an excellent accompaniment to hot soups and sauses as well as cold soups, dips served to grilled dishes or fritters with seasonal vegetables. Łaciata cream is available in three fat variants: 12%, 18% and 22%, and 2 weight options: 180 g and 330 g.

Barcode 5900820019174
Single package: 330 g
Collective package: 12
Quantity per pallet: 960
Number of layers: 10
Number of collective packages per pallet: 80
Number of collective packages per layer: 8
Expiration date: 21 days

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